Tales of the Forsaken is an actual play RPG, Fate Core podcast made by Noble Jester Productions, a team of two nerds who love telling stories.

We are a unique blend of epic and in-depth storytelling of an audio drama run through the fun improv of an actual play RPG.

Welcome to Ryllian, a world once ruled over by dragons until the other races fought back and took control. A world where magic needs fuel and that fuel is mined and refined into Ectin.

Our main character Verboden is cursed to travel through this world constantly rediscovering who he is and what he wants to become.

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Latest Episodes

S2 EP 3 - A Dangerous Place to Be

Verboden is forced to lead the dragonkin into more danger as they run from the Marked. Will they find safety on the Scaled Path, or will the dangers of the Eyeless Was...

S2 EP 2 - Despite All That Bars Our Path

Verboden and the newly liberated dragonkin slaves embark on a journey in hopes of finding a contact on the Scaled Path to help lead them to sanctuary. With the Marked ...

S2 EP 1 - The Certainty of Death

Verboden emerges from the wake of the curse, only to find himself captured by hostile slavers. Grappling with the harsh reality of being perceived as a threat, the sha...

S1 EP 16 - An Ending (Season 1 Finale)

Facing a formidable showdown, Verboden confronts his past and grapples with the weight of his destiny. As he struggles against an old friend and battles the curse haun...

S1 EP 15 - Ectin Train

Verboden must catch a train and confront his enemies one last time. With dwindling resources and no allies, will Verboden find a way to stop Jarl and Hestian? Looking...

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