Tales of the Forsaken is an actual play RPG, Fate Core podcast made by Noble Jester Productions, a team of two nerds who love telling stories.

We are a unique blend of epic and in-depth storytelling of an audio drama run through the fun improv of an actual play RPG.

Welcome to Ryllian, a world once ruled over by dragons until the other races fought back and took control. A world where magic needs fuel and that fuel is mined and refined into Ectin.

Our main character Verboden is cursed to travel through this world constantly rediscovering who he is and what he wants to become.

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Latest Episodes

S2 EP 11 - A Poor Apology

With Heartfang and the dragons taking back Beacon of Hope, Verboden attempts an unlikely plan to secure the Creator Chalice and turn the tide. Looking to dig deeper? ...

S2 EP 10 - The New Ways

The newly named Kin attempt to control the capital city, Beacon of Hope, while Verboden puts plans in motion to sow trouble and thin the enemy's forces. Looking to di...

S2 EP 9 - Stand Together

Reality hits as differing visions of rebellion collide. Can Verboden keep the fledgling rebellion on track or will they turn on him? Looking to dig deeper? Join our ...

S2 EP 8 - Here To End It

After a shocking revelation about the Haven, Verboden deals with a loss and scrambles to come up with a plan for survival. Looking to dig deeper? Join our discord:  h...

S2 EP 7 - The Mighty One

The test of The Mighty One commences and Verboden confronts his past with deadly consequences. Looking to dig deeper? Join our discord: https://discord.gg/U2qnFX3ddw ...

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