Tales of the Forsaken is an actual play RPG, Fate Core podcast made by Noble Jester Productions, a team of two nerds who love telling stories.

Welcome to Ryllian, a western fantasy world where magic needs fuel, and that fuel is mined and refined into Ectin.
A place of vast deserts, dark rituals, and greedy mining companies.
A dwarf awakens and has forgotten who he is. Who is Verboden and how will he seek to remember his past in the midst of this harsh world?

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Latest Episodes

EP 13 - The Chalice

A letter awaits Verboden, exposing a painful betrayal and revealing a difficult choice. Our 4th and final arc of season 1 begins, setting up the final confrontation an...

EP 12 - Twin Rivers

The Siege of Twin Rivers is underway, leading to an epic showdown with Dagomar Shunt! Verboden’s past mistakes continue to threaten the success of the campaign, while ...

EP 11 - Rough Riders

Verboden and the Rough Riders prepare for the Siege of Twin Rivers, all while weighing the cost of accepting help from the mages of the Spirited Mind. Disturbing news ...

EP 10 - Ectin Ambush

A historic occasion! The Rough Riders combine forces and formulate a plan to deal with the oppressive Dagomar Shunt, who has allied with the last remaining demons. Ver...

EP 9 - Forbidden Flame

Gripped with shame, Verboden struggles with recent events and losses.  A divine guest arrives in Silver Ridge looking for help to track down a devilish creature and th...

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