The World of Ryllian


In the beginning, the great old one, Ryn, sacrificed himself to create everything. From his bones and blood the world was made, and from his scales the dragons were born. The dragons reigned supreme over the world, and all other races were subjugated to their power.

Dragon Rule

For hundreds of years the dragons reigned, until one person, Aked of Ryllian, began to fight back against the dragons. Rallying the other races around his banner, he fought against the dragons. However his rebellion began to fail, and in desperation he turned to outside forces, forging a pact with a devil. Aked sold his soul in return for power, and then he began to lead his people to victory over the dragons at the head of an army of devils. Victory was not his however, as his generals banded together in an act of desperation, both to save the 'lesser' races from the dragons and to save Ryllian from Aked. These generals, led by Aked's second in command, Yndra, killed Aked and banished his devil army. Then, in a mission of desperation, using hidden knowledge stolen from the dragons, they enacted a ritual to awaken the power and divinity of Ryn and ascended to godhood. They succeeded, and led by Yndra, drove the dragons out of Ryllian's main continent, forcing them to the fringes of the world.

The Young Gods Reign

Yndra led Ryllian with a benevolent but iron fist for centuries. During this time the Four Nations of Ryllian grew and prospered under her hand. The other gods served Yndra. However, eventually disaster struck. No one knew how, or why, but magic itself began to run out. One of the gods, Boru, led the world's foremost collection of mages and great minds to form an organization called The Spirited Mind, to find a solution. This solution was found in the form of a mineral called Ectominol, which when processed into its liquid form, Ectin, was able to replenish magic and power enchantments. The catch was that this mineral was very rare in the Four Nations, but was mainly found in a region to the West called the Cursed Lands, a place of harsh deserts, fierce monsters, and savage orc tribes. Ferngas, one of the gods and leader of The Blessed Lands, afraid of what might be awoken in the West, closed off access. Yndra's reaction was swift and brutal, sending her armies to decimate Ferngas' capital city of Orion. The aftermath was Yndra reestablishing control over Ryllian and Ferngas disappearing into hiding.

Ectin Boom

Once Yndra reestablished control over the Four Nations, she threw open the gates to the Cursed Lands, creating The New Frontier, pushing back the boundaries of the Cursed Lands. She offered land and supplies to anyone willing to travel to the New Frontier and establish homes, towns, and a foothold. She also offered extremely favorable terms to any mining company willing to brave the New Frontier. The Ectin Boom began. Dozens of mining companies were born, and many people seized upon the opportunity to move to a new land and have their own property and homes.

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