Meet the Team

Tales of the Forsaken is an actual play RPG, Fate Core podcast made by Noble Jester Productions, a team of two nerds who love telling stories. We hope you enjoy the world and story we have created for you!


Hey all! My name is Jesse, and I am the mastermind behind the world, lore, and story of Tales of the Forsaken, which was born out of my ‘Spireverse’ universe. I am also the GM while we play. I love reading, playing games, watching tv, writing, and worldbuilding. I hope you all enjoy the story, grow immersed in the world of Ryllian (and beyond!), and have a good laugh at all of the voices I do.


I’m Brett and the voice of our main character Verboden. I also run the technical side of our podcast with the recording, editing, sound effects, and music selection. In my small amount of free time I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, Fate, trying other TTRPG’s, painting mini’s, watching TV with my wife, and playing the card game Exploding Kittens with my kids. Tales of the Forsaken is a passion project and we are thrilled to tell the story in this format and hope others enjoy listening as much as we enjoy creating.

Talk to Us

If you are looking for further ways to engage with us, feel free to send us an email at, or join our discord below!

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